The Sports Industry Essentials program not only gave me the knowledge I needed to break in to the Sports Industry, it also gave me confidence, and it helped me find my fit within the industry.

Now, I can proudly say my first job right out of college is with an NFL team.
— Maria R. (Pennsylvania, USA)
I am loving every bit of the program! Each assignment encourages me to broaden my skill, and exposes me to all aspects of the industry, even careers that I haven’t even thought about. It really does inspire me to keep hold of my passion, as I am an aspiring fashion designer.
— Zyllah (California, USA)
I would like to formally thank the incredibly awesome and creative faculty and curators who created this program, for teaching me incredible lessons, helping me grow as a person and helping me expand my horizons in my goals to becoming a fashion journalist.
— Despina D. (Ontario, Canada)
The certificate was a very wonderful experience. I really enjoyed it and learned a lot about the industry. It is one of the best online certificates I have done in the world.

This certificate has made me feel as if I have taken a big step towards realising my goals and aspirations.
— Emily P. (Australia)
The program was an incredible experience that provided me with precious knowledge from one of the top schools in the country. The program opened the door for me to connect with several professionals in the sports industry as well as giving me an idea of the path I have to take to achieve my goals.
— Dominic D. (New York, USA)
This definitely helps open up my mind to all of the possibilities in this Industry. I’m currently changing career path from Engineering to Fashion, so this is a great source of career information and inspiration.
— Anne L. (Quezon City, Philippines)
“This program helped me redefine what I wanted out of my career and my life, and helped me create the framework for a new business. Throughout each course, I was reinvigorated. I was refining my grown-up goals. I was recharging my creative and professional battery. I was building a business plan and getting excited again.”
— Libby R. (Illinois, USA)
After finishing the Certificate Program, I have a much better understanding academically and professionally of the fashion industry. And of course, I am more confident and prepared for stepping forward in fashion industry.
— Dijing W. (China)
It has been an absolute pleasure working on this course and I am so happy to see something so accessible for persons hoping to find their place in the industry.
— Amalda Q. (Trinidad and Tobago)
The Sports Industry Essentials program is more than just an introduction to the field, it’s a breakthrough into the sports industry. The program allows for you to gain knowledge to the business side of sports, as well as giving you the opportunity to build relationships with peers and business professionals within the sports industry.

If your dream is to work in the sports industry, this certificate program is your best bet.
— Anthony P. (Massachusetts, USA)